Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Tuesday Results

I have been posting the Super Tuesday results by state as they reached 100% reporting or close to a complete count, on my Obama blog. The site has had a tremendous increase of users in the past few weeks, making accessing the site almost impossible at times. One user shows up after each primary using a slightly different user name, to simply keep posting the same images one after another that indicate s/he is a racist of the worst sort. News reports say the type of people who hang nooses thinking it is a joke, are in the 16 to 23 year old age range. The internet is full of those childish pranksters who think being vulgar is funny. They are not, however, limited to the young and almost exclusively male. These are the results I checked this morning.

Alaska 98% Reporting
This CNN returns says State Delegates, so unclear if that is the number of individual voters.

Romney 5,126
Huckabee 2,548
Paul 1,955
McCain 1,804
Obama 302
Clinton 103

Democrat 1
Republican 187

Democrats 99% and Republicans 95% Reporting
Obama 79,344
Clinton 38,587
Romney 33,288
McCain 10,621
Huckabee 7,266
Paul 4,670

Uncommitted Democrats 1,253

Utah 99% Reporting
Romney 255,218
Obama 70,373
Clinton 48,719
McCain 15,264
Paul 8,295
Huckabee 4,054
Edwards 3,525
Giuliani 928

Missouri 100% Reporting
Obama 405,284
Clinton 395,287
McCain 194,304
Huckabee 185,627
Romney 172,564
Paul 26,445
Edwards 16,747
Giuliani 3,595

Democrats 3,135
Republicans 2,083

Oklahoma 100% Reporting
Clinton 228,425
Obama 130,087
McCain 122,748
Huckabee 110,486
Romney 83,018
Edwards 42,718
Paul 11,179
Giuliani 2,412

Illinois 99% Reporting
Obama 1,301,954
Clinton 662,845
McCain 424,071
Romney 147,626
Paul 45,166
Edwards 39,001
Giuliani 11,341

My analysis tells me that Edwards voters would rather go to war in Iran with Clinton, then try to end corruption in government with Obama. Pauls support shows me that they want what Obama supporters want. Giuliani supporters puzzle me. Both Rudy and John are no longer running for the Democrat bid, so those votes are voting for no one and hurting Clinton or Obama, depending on who they feel best represents them.

Edwards, like Clinton, felt Mandatory Health Care is a good idea, which shows that both are out of touch with citizens, who do not buy because they can not afford. One more enforced bill will put them out on the streets. Paul's end to the war on drugs, is closely related to border trespassers, whereas the Clintons (Bush, Cheney, and who knows who else~check out Clinton pardons for a clue) profit from drug running with little bribes to use our troops, for one, to transport them. Details of all that are available all over the web.

Huckabee's supporters show me what I know to be true from dealing with that type. Close minded, blind to facts, the most anti-American people they are, wanting to destroy democracy in the United States~what little there is left of it.

Michelle Obama said her husband was the answer. After carefully studying all the Democrats and to a lesser degree the Republicans I have to agree with her. He is the best choice for those of us who have been powerless our entire life's due to government corruption who hold all the power and money. I was disappointed that Obama did not wipe the lying Clinton out of the race on Super Tuesday. I probably will not be around to see my grandson be drafted; would be interesting to see if my granddaughters will some day forced to go to war due to US citizens voting for Hillary and the Republicans. Sad.

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