Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wisconsin & Hawaii Results

Wisconsin with 100% reporting according to USA Today 2008 Election Coverage

646,048 Obama
452,821 Clinton
224,217 McCain
151,205 Huckabee
19,147 Paul
8,084 Romney
6,673 Edwards
2,644 Kucinich
According to CNN Election 2008
862 Uninstructed Republicans
560 Uninstructed Democrats

Hawaii According to CNN Election 2008 100% Reporting
28,347 Obama
8,835 Clinton
65 Uncommitted
According to USA Today
Same as above and 138 Kucinich

CNN Election 2008 did not report votes for Edwards and Kucinich but the rest of the totals were the same. I have read a bit about Hawaii's homeless population. Will share what an Obama supporter from Hawaii said about economics on the lovely islands in a future post.

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