Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blog Action Day ~ Peace

I love nature and spend most of my time alone. This is what gives me the opportunity to simply relax and contemplate on ", the universe and everything else". As long as I can remember I have disliked fighting. Best explained by a childhood fantasy.

Remember Khrushchev? Taking off his shoe and pounding it on the table, nyet, nyet, nyet? How frightening to a child to see those big people with such anger. Khrushchev was visiting the USA. My fantasy was that as he stepped off the Ocean liner in California someone would shoot and kill him, then everyone would stop fighting, including my parents.

Have come a long way from those days. Killing one man is not a road to peace, you see, but killing one man could lead to riots and destruction.

Citizens of the world are tired of being dictated to by our governments. All we want is a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs, to love and be loved in return, work to do, freedom to choose our way to worship or what music we want to listen to on the radio. We want to feel safe when we walk down the street, we do not want to fear robbers burglarizing our homes. You know simple stuff.

Someone said: if the people will lead, the leaders will follow. But it seems to me that people love fighting, they love the Clintons attack, attack, attack campaign. Her followers think that means she is tough. She inspires 'horror and disgust' in me. What is she teaching our children?

In nature, I noticed, birds and animals do indeed squabble and fight over territory and food. But humans take that a step beyond by creating weapons to kill. They kill even when fighting for things they do not need. Many alternatives to oil as a form of energy, for one. Sad day for the USA that the Clinton's dirty kitchen stink tactics are favored over the gentleman, diplomatic Obama.

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