Sunday, March 16, 2008


From Tuesday, July 18, 2006 Old Blog:

"...cola wars, I can't take it anymore"

"We Didn't Start The Fire" Billy Joel

Indonesia is having their share of tragedies this year. Earthquake, volcano eruption, flooding, and now another earthquake created tsunami wave. Only 300 dead? "pick up the papers, it's more bad news" (will have to google that song, insert memory lapse here)...more people dying. Numbers! "2000+ US troops dead" "40,000 Iraqi citizens gone", "5,000 left homeless" Get used to seeing huge numbers, build an immunity to the latest death tolls. 300? That's all?

World news often takes a backseat to personal grief (or pleasure). If you're the prayful type, my sister, Susie, could use some prayers, having a hard time dealing with the recent loss of her husband.

"I don't watch the news", I told WB, once. He lectured me, without finding out why. It depresses me, leads straight to apathy, whybotherism sets in, the world is a horrible place. Rather not read the news; can't do much about it anyway. Relevant here, because of the Lebanon evacuations, and MSN poll, I saw this morning.

Think we're all "...livin' on a prayer". The Bon Jovi song mentions "we've got to hold on to what we've got, it doesn't make a difference, if we make it or not, we got each other and that's a lot..." Some like those in the song, are struggling just to make ends meet. Some of those become homeless. The majority of the homeless don't have anyone as they struggle to get off the streets or overcome addictions. Makes a big difference, this having someone.

Guess all this work creating websites, blogging, promoting stores, cutting losses (well, the only loss on the stores was time) and moving on are just forms of escapism. Thought they were efforts to fix my broken life. On my way out, back to the streets without being any closer to a solution or clear idea what to do next, have been escaping into online games again. Crossword Puzzles, my fav, Puzzablity's "Common Knowledge" and "Say What?". Thought playing Solitaire on a computer was the height of laziness (can't turn over cards by hand?), and a waste of electricity. Must have played over a thousand games of Free Cell. Not so many Spider, gave up on Hearts. Technology! Love it! Ah, to have a laptop, no more cards blowing in the wind. Before I go off on a tangent of how games help increase brain power, will bid you adieu. Escapism! Love it! Have a great day, ya' all.

"it was always burning since the world's been turning"

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