Friday, March 14, 2008

Peace in Long Beach - Peace Pole

Wednesday, Dec 20, 2006

Leaving Library yesterday, came upon a, um, meeting. "Let there be Peace in Long Beach and let it begin with me", is how one speaker defined it.

"Long Beach, the International City", a sign said, when I first visited So Cal, in 1991, and one of the reasons I choose to make it my hometown. Much better than Philly, as being a place of brotherly love; or so it seemed at the time. No longer recall name of organizations I was going to join in 2002, that helped educate children about racism and bigotry. Nowhere on my agenda was to provide, the arse, Jet, a flop house. C'est la vie.

The Friday after the WTC attacks on "911", the people of Long Beach swarmed downtown. People of all faiths & nationalities, praying together. What a sight that was! Today's issue is about a hate crime being tried in court. Wrote some about that here.

After the speeches, we were given a pretty lavender & white swirled, "Long Beach" bracelet, much in vogue now-a-days. Another Long Beach slogan was, "Unity through diversity", one of the things that made this town a great place to live. Tis the Season~

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All


Postscript: I had a photo of a Peace Pole taken in El Segundo California on my website. I removed it in my paranoid fear of the Intellectual Property Rights police. I do not have a scanner here and that photo is back on the east coast with the rest of my old photo collection. I do not think I will ever feel safe enough to ask my daughters to mail me back what is left of those old possessions and books. The sad thing is, although I left them as the only legacy I can give my grandchildren, the stuff will most likely get lost among their stuff. One daughter is rather disorganized and her Yankee Room was remodeled after a ceiling caved in and who knows what her husband~who has more available free time may have done with my little boxes of mementos. The other daughter's husband even trashes her stuff~causing them some arguments. Sad ending to a life because some jerk decided I was too peaceful and he was going to change that.

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