Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Protest on Pine

Hurried to get the newspaper this morn' to read about yesterday's protest. I was especially interested in why the young man was shot, as he appeared to be leaving. "Protest on Pine" was the headline on the small, second page article. One photo showed a boy being led away by a police officer; another photo of a group of police crossing an intersection.

According to Felix Sanchez of the Press Telegram, yesterday's protest was staged by members of the "Base Collective" from south Los Angeles. The group was protesting "capitalist ideologies" and feels the military unfairly targets minorities while recruiting. Mr Sanchez reports two unconfirmed arrests, and said the group dispersed "without incident". Um...

The young man that was shot as he appeared to be dispersing, might consider that an "incident". From what I overheard, the young man had complied with the Police request to show Identification.

The article numbers the group at about 50~perhaps it grew, while I was shopping. There weren't 50 protesters visible when I was returning, but there may have been more behind them on Pine Ave, my view blocked by the buildings. The article also said there was a counter-protest.

Posted on Saturday, Dec 9, 2006

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