Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

The Audacity of Hope (pg.105): “Neither ambition nor single-mindedness fully accounts for the behavior of politicians…. There is a companion emotion, perhaps more pervasive and certainly more destructive, an emotion that, after the giddiness of your offical announcement as a candidate, rapidly locks you in its grip and doesn’t release you until after Election Day. That emotion is fear. Not just fear of losing – although that is bad enough – but fear of total, complete humiliation.”

Copied quote from a blog post. I read "The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream". It was one of the things that helped me decide to support Senator Obama in his bid for president. He thinks like me! Oh my!

Hillary hates him. Chides him: should not be giving the people false hope. She is hellbent on proving we, the people are powerless and hopeless against a corrupt government run by people like her and Bill. She delighted in her First Lady power. Used it for the bad. Billy Dale is one example of people's lives she ruined by abusing it.

Obama is wrong about her. She humiliates herself just about everyday. Bosnia, Bosnia, Bosnia. She does know that offline older ladies will not be able to see through her lies. She forgot the ease of finding her contradictions via the computer. That may be one reason she has a hard time getting support of college age kids. The ones that are studying candidates. Not the girls and boys that like Chelsea and are dreaming of seeing her in White House wedding. The girls that vote for her are probably like the young Goldwater Girl~easily persuaded to vote for whoever they are told to support by parents or teachers or their current boyfriend.

Hillary never grew beyond that stage. She still casts her votes the way the guys do. She switches positions every other day. She says: you know where I stand. Well, no I do not. How could I, she is not consistent. Actually I do know. Win at any cost; dictate; vain glory; ugly~not in looks, in behavior. I am just saying, astute people would be confused by her "flip flops" as some internet users label her. I label her: liar. Bill labels her: the girl who has senior moments. Bad news for the USA when people actually vote for that.

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