Sunday, April 20, 2008

Barack Obama Website Hacked

You Tube video by Zennie62, filming his computer to show how he (and many) were hijacked and transferred. Of course, I took blamed her staff. Barack Obama Website Hacked By Clinton Supporter

That is what happens when someone lies throughout her campaign, has her staff call Canada to create a fake NAFTA tale, throws a kitchen stink to "create enough doubt" against her co-worker in Congress. If something happened to Obama, the Clinton's would be at the top of my hit list. I am quite afraid of her. She is either deliberately wicked or is mentally stable. Either way, much too scary a prospect as potential president.

Oy, suffered through 7 years of Bush insanity and the citizens are trying to force her upon me. Females especially might be more discerning~we mothers council our daughters against boys like that. Often the girl runs off with him, only to come to realize: Mother knew best. It pains me. We all know who Bill is. What kind of people could possibly think the lying tag team belong back in DC for his "buy one, get on free" return to their supposed idyllic carbon copy 1990s co-presidency?

Did not like Obama; fine: Biden, Dodd, Kucinich, Gravel, Edwards and I think there were a couple more choices. Why choose an impeached womanizer? He does not belong anywhere near the White House. Disgraced two term president. His wife is horrid in even having decided it is her right to bring him back with her. If she cared about the country and citizens, she would have stayed out of the contest. Can only shake my head in bewilderment that anyone considers them White House material. Oy.

In other news (as per Allentown Morning Call online):
Police spokesman Capt. James Stephens confirmed Obama's Allentown HQ was burglarized this week, and multiple laptops and cell phones were stolen. Details unavailable, because records office is closed on weekends.

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