Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Divided States of America

What a difference a year makes. I will have to do some research to be exact, but quite positive I saw the book on the floor of my worker's car in January 2007. There were always these moments when I was idle, waiting. I remember picking it up and reading a bit of it. "The Audacity of Hope". After a while I put a hold on it at the library and waited. Sarah loaned me her guy's copy of the book. Ironically I had just finished it when the library called to say they finally had a copy for me to pick up. I will have to look up my article about 2008 presidential hopefuls using You Tube to campaign. I had read a bit about Obama, but his You Choose '08 intro video was my first actual look at him. I was hooked.


I am going to post the entire quote here later. The UNITED States of America. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I had started calling us the Divided States of America. If I hear that word: liberal spoken as if it were a dirty word I think I will scream. Ditto leftie. They always throw in a bunch of cuss words and it usually includes Democrat, hippie and bleeding heart. Then they scream those (insert all those words) are always calling us Conservatives names. It makes my blood pressure go from normal to boiling. First they call us names. Then they falsely accuse us of doing what they do. They insist. They are ugly people. Unreasonable. I even wrote an article about the War Between Liberals and Conservatives.

I was trying to point out that there is no such thing as either and we all are a bit of both and here comes that tsunami wave we all be running. STOP IT! I want to scream. Just STOP IT. I can not take all this ugliness anymore. And along comes this very nice gentlemen using his own words to say the very same thing I have been thinking for a long time. It is not new; it has been asked in songs ever since I was a teen: why can't we get along? It is simple, actually. Stop calling me names. Shut up. Listen. Think. Co-operate. Ugliness only causes anger and more fighting. Why are people so ugly? Attack, attack, attack. What makes them so cruel?

So things were going along nicely for a while. I studied the candidates and on the day before I marked my ballot I re-watched 3 You Tube You Choose '08 intro videos. The next morning I again re-watched two. Obama is the winner. Presidential in is presentation. Professional. None compare.

I saw all these people just like me coming together in support of the same thing. It was like there was this bright sunshine after living in the dark ugliness of GWB years. The culture of hate. I often said: I miss the other Bush's "kinder and gentler America". And where are we today?

Even worse than before; the haters are all over; they write articles inspired by their hate at Associated Content; they get accounts at Obama's campaign website just to spew their hateful attacking words. The ugliness of their leaders: the Clintons empowers and emboldens them. I do not normally talk about the negative side~but they will not leave me alone. The Clintons are terrible people. Corrupt. Ugly in their behavior. Diabolical and as evil as Bush and Cheney. I would not have said that about them a year ago. I had no interest in them. What kind of leader would turn citizens into attack dogs of other citizens? I have never seen such disgusting behavior from candidates in my entire life.

Just when I thought we could have a UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and move beyond this ugly culture of hate~the Clinton's hatred has destroyed a golden opportunity with their bold lies. I am floored that anyone would even consider voting for them. Edwards, Dodd, Kucinich, Biden, Richardson, Gravel~to choose from among, why known liars and corruption? WTF is wrong with people? I can not take this anymore. People are trying to destroy my grandchildren's future by siding with the Evil Twin Clintons.

Okay, that was a too long blog post. I have knots in my stomach everyday from what her people say in comments. I can not go on.

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