Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Homeless in DC Interviewed About Candidates

I would have thought Washington DC homeless would be a bit more political savvy to interview. Most homeless are homeless in their hometowns or adopted cities. There are homeless travelers who "ride the rails" or spend time in one town for a while before moving onto greener or warmer pastures. Carnival workers can be temporary homeless or end up stuck homeless in a town far from home.

Homeless in Long Beach, do chat about the government. Especially the military veterans. Their ideas range from knowledgeable, intelligent, innovative to average stereotypcal. The DC homeless interviewed about candidates in this primary seemed to be the last type. One lady was hard to understand~she seemed a bit intelligent, but her thoughts on the candidates were contrary to her ideals.

Another lady had knowledge, but a more stereotype opinion. Another appeared to be someone quite used to poverty and not knowing many people other than others such as himself. Um, Ron Paul wants to return to the Gold Standard...

...um, we do not have enough gold to cover existing money and...

watch You Tube video here: Homeless in Wash. DC about Obama, Clinton, Bush, Iraq, women

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