Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Time to Listen

It's Time to Listen is a Move On dot org 30 Second Ad entry by by Andi Matheny. Andi said:

"I visited Ft. Hood, TX one day after the Texas primaries. I asked one soldier who most of his buddies voted for and he told me they voted for Barack Obama. I thought, if only the public could know this! These brave troops, the ones who put their lives on the line for their country, think Obama is the best choice for commander-in-chief."

HRC says of Move On dot org: they know I do not agree with them. Excuse me? I thought we are a government, "of, for and by the people". It pains me that people want that lying, disgusting, rabid attack dog, as their president. Her attitude and government's attitude about, me, the people, is the exact first thing that attracted me to Senator Obama as a candidate.

But the biatch will sink to any low to try to deprive me of the kind of government I have been waiting for my entire adult life. Her fawning fans disgust me as much as she does. Her shiat stinks plenty. How many lies does she have to tell? Are they blinded by her? Deaf? That is why I call them fawning fans. No intelligent adult would consider her as presidential material. Those troops know it. Running to the car under sniper fire was a big insult to the brave troops who truly risk (and RIP) their lives; lose limbs; lose minds; lose families...

Yet she brushes off her tall tale as if it were not a thing. Obviously her voters are as cold and heartless as she is. Gravel, Kucinich, Richardson, Dodd, Biden, Edwards (were there more) and they pick the most corrupt and evil person they can find and applaud her. I could have lived with any of the other candidates~except perhaps Edwards is a tad bit too much like Hillary for my tastes. If Hillary has her way I will be forced to live with McCain. She makes me hope there is a God~she will spend eternity burning in fire.

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