Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Walking home from downtown yesterday spoke to a man who was walking in my direction: Jerome. Blunt, I asked "are you homeless". He seemed to hesitate on answering, so I pointed to his bedroll and backpack and said, "I did not mean to be rude, I was homeless too." Very clean and well groomed, he did not have that homeless look about him. That does not imply that there are not other clean and well groomed homeless people~there are. Perhaps people get auras about them when spending nights sleeping under the stars for months or weeks on end. I may still have my original blog posts about getting it: the homeless look.

He is new in town from Texas. Another vet, although I already forgot what branch of the service he mentioned. He said he heard it is easier to get earned benefits in California, so here he is at 58 sleeping in a place he said "they call the field". He was on his way to the Somoan church for lunch and we chatted a bit as the light changed back to the red do not walk hand. (When I passed the church tonight I looked at the spelling on top of the building to remind myself if it is o before a or the other way around. Foxfire spellcheck has me spelling it wrong both ways. After working their, would think I could remember...will edit it later).

So we were at the light and who shows up but Tom. Did not notice who was walking with him, they all quickly crossed the street while Tom gave me a non-body type hug. He and Jerome already met. It irks me that Senator Clinton has belatedly added "taking care of our vets" on her campaign site. Yet another thing she stole from Senator Obama. He actually has done legislative work for veterans and more recently Iraqi war homeless vets. This is not a political blog so will shut up on that, except to say how easily she deceives her followers. I wondered why many comment: "he steals all Hillary's ideas" and then I took a look at her website where she has a page devoted to her lies about Obama.

Jerome is but one of the homeless veterans that spoke to me about the VA and their benefits.

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