Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Obama's Work on Behalf of Veterans

"The Obama-Bond amendment is supported by the National Veterans Legal Services Program, Veterans for Common Sense, and Disabled American Veterans."

Ah, but what is the Obama-Bond amendment?

It seems today's journalists are more interested in reporting conjecture and opinion articles rather than simply reporting real news. Too many people are trusting the know C-word liars than having any factual information about Senator Obama and the work he has done in Congress. This morning I read a blog post on the LA Times that had nothing to do with Senator Obama. Among the comments was a rather long one posted by someone signed his name as: Jack Smith. The last sentence: You Know You Are An Idiot If...you voted for Obama. How dare he call disabled veterans idiots? That is not to imply that all disabled veterans voted for Senator Obama, but Senator Obama counts many veterans~going back to Viet Nam war days~among his supporters. Idiots?

I already posted the entire press release about the bipartisan amendment from Obama and Kit Bonds on Michelle Obama for First Lady blog, so will not repeat it here. This blog was a result of Obama's work on behalf of veterans, especially homeless Iraqi war vets and others. I pity people who think they are smart when they take time to call other citizens "idiots". I might not be the brightest person in the USA, but I am hardly an idiot.

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