Friday, April 18, 2008

Small Town Pennsylvania

This poster may have attended Pocono Mountain High School with my oldest daughter:

*Ron Paul is correct in that certain folks on this planet harbor great hatred toward America. Worth noting when some object to putting water into a terrorist's nose to extract information regarding the next attack.

The demonstrated hatred of America by the terrorists (and, amazingly, by some of America's own citizens) leads me to one, inescapable conclusion: We must kill them before they kill us.

Flowery presentations (like Mr. Obama's) regarding peace, love, understanding (as well as the all-important and often-evoked 'hope') are wonderful, but reality isn't that forgiving.

The terrorist version of success is all Americans being dead.

My version of success is all the terrorists being dead first.

With or without water in their noses."

Senator Obama attributed attitudes like that to frustration with the government. The young man has a bait company in a town I lived and worked in for about 4 years. I think it was Jon Stewart of the Daily Show that did a comedy piece on the "elitist" flap manufactured by people who want to see Obama lose the Democrat primary. Having lived there, I see the "truth in humor" of this statement: "...those are the very foundations those towns are built on." I can not say where the poster who replied to the Pocono Record forum thread above is from PA.

"Jeff, the only problem with killing them before they kill us is we have no idea who they are. The more that are killed the more they appear and we can not kill an entire race of people because they come from all races, yes even whites. Shut the borders so they can't get out, let them destroy each other and let them try to survive without outside contact and goods. I say get out of the way and let them kill each other off first to widdle down the crowd, then we can go in and clean up whats left, 1 good bomb should do it. But one thing we also have to remember, that 1 mans terrorist is another mans patriot, it's whole civilizations that we have to flatten to stop this."

That attitude is not limited to small towns in Pennsylvania and the Mid-west, but found throughout the US of A. It is also not limited to blue collar or working men. If our government was perfect, the economy perfect, and life perfect, I am sure these same people would have the very same attitudes. In my experience it is behavior learned from parents, relatives and peers.

Many small towns do not take to "strangers" moving into the area. Other rural people are quite hospital to people wandering past their areas. People like Jeff always scare me. They are cruel people and seem to lack any sense of decency. They are close minded and truly haters of anyone not them. They say: if he beat her, she deserved it, of men who beat their wives. They are the types who beat their children. The type that join the Ku Klux Klan. They are the very ones the Clintons are pandering to~the easily lead of low intelligence or culture.

They are the ones that will kill, not based on anything another person did, but based on what they think the other person did. Senator Clinton and the media are truly endangering Senator Obama's life by inciting people like that with their anything goes lust for power. Senator Clinton is well aware that Obama is not a Muslim nor a terrorist. Yet she will continue to play that card in an effort to garner votes. Sick woman she is.

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