Saturday, April 5, 2008

Viet Nam Vet for Obama

"I often got depressed after returning from Viet Nam in 1970 after serving with the 1st Air Cav and receiving a Purple Heart and two Bronze Stars in a Recon squad, but we can't allow the Hawks to get more soldiers killed simply because of a false idea that withdrawal will result in weakening our defense.

Hells Bells I heard the same arguments from the Kissinger crowd 40 years and 55,000 lives ago.

On the anniversary of Dr.King's assassination, we must fight to keep the Dream and the Hope alive. Just think if we can save lives and treasure to be used to build schools, care for the sick that have no health care and re-energize this country to again become a light on the hill to the world, the dream of MLK, RFK, FDR and all of our brothers and sisters who have died for these dreams can be realized.

God Bless Senator Obama and God bless the USA"

Part of blog post by Jim Petullo. Edited slightly for easier reading.

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