Friday, May 2, 2008

McCain Hyperbole?

"...I don't think Americans are concerned if we are there for a 100 years, or a thousand years or 10,000 years..." John McCain of Iraq.

Odd, a Vietnam war veteran from the Allentown, Pennsylvania area was interviewed and said how he wants our troops home from Iraq, did not like Obama or Clinton who fight and are negative. He said he voted for McCain.

McCain favors yet another war in Iran. How can a veteran who wants out of Iraq not favor Senator Obama who had sound reasons for opposing going into Iraq? Obama proved to be correct in his assessment of Iraq. The US citizens are very unaware of facts about the candidates.

Code Pink has been visible in DC for years now; veterans have protested the Iraq war~most notably on the 5th anniversary. People are bizzare in their choices. If the man was gung ho war, his vote would make sense. But he is not and it does not. Sad.

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