Friday, May 9, 2008

Move On dot org

Some of the Move On dot org 30 Second Ad entries that I liked.

Move On dot org 30 Second Ad Contest


It's Time to Listen
by Andi Matheny

I visited Ft. Hood, TX one day after the Texas primaries. I asked one soldier who most of his buddies voted for and he told me they voted for Barack Obama. I thought, if only the public could know this! These brave troops, the ones who put their lives on the line for their country, think Obama is the best choice for commander-in-chief.

Little Girl & One Nation United
by Michael & Whitney Pearce and Andrew Lahmann

Playground Politics
by Diane Paragas

IIt's a hot summer day and tensions are running high among the kids in the playground. Two teams of children face off in a game of red rover taunting and ridiculing each other. One team is dressed in blue and one in red representing the Democrats and the Republicans. The red team looks down the line to find the next kid to call over. They chant, "Red Rover, Red Rover, let Barack come over." A thoughtful bi-racial boy with prominent ears contemplates the situation and wonders why there is so much animosity and anger. The girl next to him pushes him to run as forcibly as he can. He takes another look at the fuming red team whose feet are firmly planted awaiting his attempt. To the surprise of his own team Barack walks slowly and deliberately towards the red team. The red team relaxes their stance and starts laughing at him. Barack approaches the red team leader who is at the end of the line. Barack assuredly offers the boy his hand. At first, the red team leader laughs with nervous confusion. But Barack continues to keep
his hand extended and gives him an encouraging look. The red team leader's face softens as he takes Barack's hand. Inspired by the bravery of the two boys, the red and the blue teams form a circle and begin a new kind of game. TITLE UP: OBAMA: A New Kind of Politics.

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