Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Presidents

"I Like Ike" is the first president that I remember, so I consider him my first president, even though I was born under Harry Truman. JFK was the first president I wore a political button. After school we would walk downtown to catch a bus home. The JFK campaign office was~as my memory tells me~next to the Fanny Farmer store. My friend, JC and I would chip in, buy and split one of those expensive candy bars. She was the one who had us walk into the JFK office to get buttons. Perhaps we got stickers for our brown paper bag bookcovers. Or mine; her's were usually the glossy store bought kind.

1945-1953 Harry S. Truman (4/12/1945 - 1/20-1953 - Alben Barkley
1953-1961 Dwight D Eisenhower - Richard Nixon
1961-1963 JFK - Lyndon B. Johnson
1963-1969 Lyndon B. Johnson - Hurbert Humphrey
1969-1974 Richard Nixon - Spiro Agnew - Gerald Ford
1974-1977 Gerald Rudolph Ford - Nelson Rockefeller VP 1973-1974, President 1974-1977 (born: Leslie Lynch King, Jr)
1977-1981 Jimmy Carter - Walter Mondale

1981-1989 Ronald Reagan - George H W Bush
1989-1993 George H W Bush - Dan Quayle
1993-2001 Bill Clinton - Al Gore
2001-2009 George W Bush -Dick Cheney

Tired of the sameness of the past 20 years. Time for a changing of the guard in DC for me.

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