Friday, June 6, 2008

Citizens First

"What you won't see from this campaign or this party is a politics that sees our opponents not as competitors to challenge but enemies to pulverize because...

We may call ourselves Democrats and Republicans but we are Americans first, we are always American first..." Barack Obama, June 3, 2008, St. Paul, Minnesota

I much prefer US citizens to Americans. I also wish his speech writer would leave out "or this party". Senator Clinton considered her opponents enemies back in January. She said her Iran Resolution yes vote was "lies" being "spread by my enemies". She again said "it would give the wrong impression to my enemies" if she dropped out of the contest the first time she ran out of money. She gloated before Ohio saying she thought she had "created enough doubt" about Senator Obama.

She and Bill constantly told voters McCain was better than Obama. Even two weeks ago she was telling her followers that McCain and the Republicans would be happy to get their votes. She was so great at selling lies to create that doubt and portraying Senator Obama as things he was not, her followers most likely will vote McCain or as some say, not at all.

She set out to destroy him and she is a Democrat. I have seen it from "this party" or from both her and Bill. Now that she has decided she will concede and endorse Senator Obama she will be able to gloat come November if her followers hand McCain a win...

...see, I told you so. Too bad she is not woman enough to stand up and say "I lied" and apologize to Senator Obama and the citizens that choose to vote for him. Obama (or his speech writers) seems to have forgotten that much of his support was from Independent voters not loyal "the party" people. Senator Clinton never knew it. Nor apparently Howard Dean and the other DNC honchos who sat silent as she and Bill set about to pulverize her "enemy".

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