Thursday, June 5, 2008

"everybody needs to settle down"

Senator Obama is quoted as telling Canday Crowley of CNN when asked about possible vice presidential picks: "everybody needs to settle down".

About a year ago I started reading the Obama '08 Community member blog posts. That is how long I have been hearing people talk about vice presidents. In the beginning people were discussing: maybe Edwards as pres with Obama as VP. Less often was the Clinton/Obama suggestion. That frenzy started when Hillary hinted about the "dream ticket" that the press had already been speculating upon. Even Obama's supporters would approve an either or "dream ticket".

Then there are people like me that considered it a nightmare ticket. Obama is second best on my list in regards to voting records. Clinton was never even a consideration. Do not want Bill back in the White House and she is a chronic liar. She wants to dictate and make my choices for me. No thanks. Even as VP to Obama, no thanks.

Before he cinched the nomination his bloggers were demanding he name a VP. Now. The suggestions keep on coming. Caroline (nee: Kennedy), Oprah (Oprah?), Michelle (yes, they think Michelle Obama would be a great VP choice and are even suggesting she run for president after Obama's 8 years, are these people sane?), Ted Kennedy and Jimmy Carter. (see what I mean about sanity)

Hagel and Webb are constants. Both men said they do not want to be president so why ever do these people think they are their personal "dream ticket"? Al Gore (why he did not endorse Obama and was Bill's VP?), John Kerry and Ralph Nadar (I guess these people do not know Nadar is running as an Independent) crop up often. As does Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. Edwards too said he was not interested in VP and was rather slow in endorsing Obama.

Richardson is much favored and Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sebelius. Now Senators Boxer and Feinstein have been added to the endless lists of vice president choices.

Bad enough they endlessly discuss vice president picks, they also endless discuss Senator McCain and his vice president choices. Many also think Clinton should be Attorney General. Yikes. I think utmost honesty should be number one qualification for that job. That would not be Clinton. Either her or her husband.

I wish those Obama bloggers would listen to Senator Obama and settle down. If those bloggers spent more time reading blogs and less time posting, the Community member post page would be a lot nicer to visit.

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