Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Patti Solis Doyle, Info

Could not even find Patti Solis Doyle birthdate when googling for info about her. This is what I found:

Patti Solis Doyle (41 or 42) married to Jim Doyle who works for Penn, Schoen & Berland. Mark Penn, of PSB is a Clinton "pollster".

Before she was born, her father was an illegal immigrant, sent back to Mexico, returned with a Visa and her 4 older siblings. One is Danny who is 25th Ward alderman. Patty was married and divorced from Andy Jacobson, from Texas, by the time she was 21. David Wilhelm took her to Little Rock where she met Hillary Clinton. Wilhelm ran Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign. Patty's brother Danny's "clout". Her husband worked for William Daley, Chicago Mayor Daley's brother. (commerce secretary Bill's 2nd term)

Neel Lattimore, a former press secretary for the first lady, said Doyle had a political gift to "smell danger long before we encountered it".

Quote from Sun Times Blog:
What does Doyle see that the public does not? Her answer: A Clinton who "meddled" to get the Doyles married, did a reading at their wedding, called Santiago Solis when he was dying and showed up in the hospital when Doyle's children were born. "She gave me tips on breastfeeding." The two also share a passion for TV's "Grey's Anatomy."

As campaign manager, Doyle talks daily, sometimes every few hours, with Clinton. The relationship between Doyle and Clinton has evolved through the years. Said Doyle, who has devoted most of her adult life to Hillary Rodham Clinton, "We have a true friendship."

Obama said in a speech "you have to choose" between the past and the future. From that scant bit of info, it seems he is choosing the past. Is Doyle one of the things that Obama discussed with Clinton in their secret meeting? Why his sudden secrecy? Way too many Clinton lies, back room/closed door wheeling and dealing for me.

Will not vote McCain, but just might be voting McKinney, come November. Zero trust for the Clintons. Hard to trust anyone associated with them. Obama's choosing Doyle as part of his administration, as well as his choice of vetting committee, is eroding my trust of him. Is it his doing or his advisers and campaign managers doing? Is it simply a political gamble? Get Patti, get her Latina voters? Time will tell.

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