Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rationing, Two

Did 10 years worth of housework in three months, I would say. Cleaning up the mess of Mom's house. Oldest sister gone over a year and her mess still there. I had been in CA as the house went to shambles. Next oldest sister would call sometimes in a tizzy about the mess of mom's house. "I can't find the curtains!" Blah, blah, blah.

Mother had been slowly going through her stuff. She would send her way adult children their childhood drawings, report cards, photos~stuff like that. "Do you want..." she would ask them and her grandchildren. She hardly made a dent in, what 50? years of accumulating stuff. Good thing I went through all those boxes stuffed with papers. Found the deed to the house amidst shopping receipts, news clippings, greeting cards, pages torn from magazines, photos, bills, canceled checks, letters...

It was rather fun in a way. If I had not done that I would not have found the rationing tickets. I would never have remembered them. Very few left and the ones that I found were written on. My mind tells me it was brother Joe's writing. Very vague recollection of us kids "playing" with them.

Perhaps finding those rationing tickets is why I suggested that rationing might be a better idea than sending our young to Iraq to kill or be killed. A good president, I would say...

Yet it is obvious, we, the people of the United States would not be able to deal with gas rationed out as was done in World War days. When I listen to Obama, sometimes I wondered if some sort of rationing program might be in his plans. Something he says about it is not going to be easy and we are going to have to work or sacrifice. Even our elected officials live high. Conserve? Doubtful!

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