Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Double Play by Robert B. Walker is fiction about a real person: Jackie Robinson. I assume the chapters about a character named Bobby is the author's fictionalized self. The novel starts with a man home from the war in a hospital bed stupor. He later becomes Jackie's bodyguard. I enjoyed the mix of fiction and actual political events of that time.

I am too young to remember rationing; Mother explained the lack of baby photos of myself and one year older brother as "That must have been when film could not be got". Mom did not talk much. Neither did Dad. He yelled a lot, though. Sunday dinner at noon or holiday meals sitting around the dinning room table is when I can remember him telling stories. Of his youth. Yet I know politics were bantered about~women should not be allowed to vote, he would say, or they should vote for whomever their husband voted. Mom canceled out his vote, he would say. She voted Republican and he voted Democrat.

I remember vowing to myself I would vote for whomever my husband voted~someday. I did not want to get married and yes the ex and I voted alike. Democrat. At least he was a Democrat voter. We talked less than my parents. He yelled. A lot. Or was drunk. Gee, I got sidetracked again!


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