Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rezko with Clintons

What is the mentality of people that they would go to Barack Obama dot com, campaign website, open an account, even though they do not support him, simply to use his blogs. The blogs were provided for people who support him and want to help~be a part of his campaign. But they keep coming. "He is a Muslim!" they cry, usually with ALL CAPS FOLLOWED BY A LOT OF!!!! "Wake Up!" they scream, his middle name is Hussein, "he is leading you to slaughter; he is the anti-Christ...".

Duh. Do they think Obama members have not heard this garbage? Do they think we are so gullible, unintelligent, unthinking we voted for a gasp, Muslim? Whatever would be wrong with voting for a Muslim, btw? I would rather vote for any non-Christian right about now, than any Christian, even Obama! Their illogical and stupidity is amazing. Why would they want people to know they are the type who believes everything they read in the National Enquirer? If they truly believe the garbage, they should be terrified to get that account and say it. You see, the staff can trace the IP address, and the FBI can...

...see, if Obama is those dumb things these people post, why then, they best think about the FBI coming after them. I am so terrified of the Bush clan and almost as scared of Hillary, I never write them as I often have to other government officials. I question my sanity putting it in writing on a public and easily traceable blog. Paranoid? Maybe, but not under the "enemy combatant" law of Bush. "If you're not with us, you're against us.". Not what the Constitution tells me about being free of government persecution; we are, allowed, without fear of penalty, to redress our elected officials. Or we were, prior to Bush.

Then again, it may have started back in 1968 with Kent State...

What does that have to do with Rezko and the the Clintons? The same dumb arses that get accounts to spew their hysteria feel they have to warn us about Obama and his "shady past". Because they are dumb, I guess they assume Obama's voters and long time members are likewise. Obama says: Walmart; Clinton says: Rezko and the very next day Rezko's bail is revoked. Hillary seems to have some Chicago connections, see Patti Doyle info.

This photo shows the Clintons with Rezko and this blog post speaks about the Clintons denial of knowing the man. Obama obviously does not have the Clinton connections. If he did, their fraud trial would be all over the news. I would not get an account at her website to blog about the unreported news and reminders of her past FEC non-disclosure and lies. Her involvement is what Obama could be doing to her. Rezko's Obama connection is nil compared to her and Bill's "shady past" fund raising fraud.

To mention this to those dumb arses who get accounts is risky. Some of Hill's gals, figured out how to change member comments. They are treacherous and can not reply to their posts. Others are "hit and run" posters. They !!!! and run away like scarred bunnies, never bothering to read the rebuttal. Nor will the ones that do, apologize or even consider: you know, you make a good point there, I am wrong. They are abusive people in addition to being rude and dumb.

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