Thursday, June 19, 2008

Standing Tall

Read Standing Tall: A Memoir of Tragedy and Triumph by C. Vivian Stringer with Laura Tucker. I had no idea who Ms. Stringer is; saw Rutger's College and added it to the library books in my hand. A brother and his oldest daughter graduated from Rutger's and it is located in my hometown~where I grew up. Being the women's basketball team coach also interested me. (Don Imus!)

What a remarkable women Ms. Stringer is and I am so glad I grabbed it off the shelf. She was taught as a child: yes, you can. I would image she would be an Obama supporter on attitude alone. But I think she might support Senator Clinton due to this comment: "Senator Hillary Clinton collected thousands of supportive comments and presented them to me when we met;..." (re: Don Imus)

Talking about her college years, Springer noted: "Dr. King and the Kennedy's had stood up for social justice, and they had been cut down in their prime. The students at Kent State had been shot for standing up for what they believed in, just as I was standing up for what I believed in, and I couldn't see the United States of America in quite the same way."

Springer is about 1/2 a year older than myself. Those events when we were coming of adult age, profoundly affected our political views. It would be hard for me to know if generations before my time or those after had the same type of disillusionment about what we were taught about the US and the reality. I have said it before: Apathy is not the same thing as withdrawing in disgust. (author unknown, perhaps I saw it on a bumper sticker)

I mention both of those, due to people unfavorably picking upon Michelle Obama for saying that she was really proud of the country for the first time in her adult life. Perhaps Michelle could have worded herself better, but I understood what she meant. How can people be proud of Kent State? Torture of Iraqi citizens; cluster bombs in civilian areas; innocent Iraqi children, dead with body parts strewn across the streets; Muslim hatred?

Like Ms. Springer, Senator Obama inspires people to do better~to be the best they can be~to shoot for the stars~to say, yes, we can. Awesome lady and excellent book. Read it!

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