Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert

If it were not for the internet and this primary election, the news that Tim Russert died from a sudden heart attack would be meaningless to me. I used to watch those TV spots posted at You Tube announcing election results. I thought he was one of those guys. But basically I picture him talking to Ron Paul in an interview. Still know little about him.

Weird, though, the very first thing I thought when I saw the headlines was: Hillary Clinton did it. So many of her "enemies" had sudden deaths, car or plane crashes, supposed suicides and unexpected heart attacks. Associated Content, Content Producers were quick to write and publish articles on Russert. AC had tightened restrictions for "manufactured" news articles, so think the writers are not getting paid, just self publishing. I was surprised to see "rumors flooding the web" so soon after Russert's death. So maybe not so weird that others quickly thought: Hillary.

Obama's praise of the woman has me questioning him. She said he was "naive" and I wonder if he is that unaware of all the lies, FEC fraud and other stuff associated with the Clintons. Or is he just being nice to woo her voters. After all that "guilt by association" stuff a while back, I think he would do well to denounce and reject her, and stop with the praise. Rather wish I had not started this blog; can rename it, but the URL will still be the same. C'est la vie.

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