Friday, June 20, 2008


C. Vivian Stringer with writer, Laura Tucker showed in the biography, Standing Tall, the value of participating in sports, especially as a team player, in preparing for life. A quote from the book:

" will only ever be able to go as far as your total team unity will take you. You show that unity by dressing like a team, cheering together like a team, by winning and losing together like a team."

I am more prone to individuality rather than dressing alike; but it is true working towards a common goal requires teamwork, not selfishness. I was thinking about Senator Obama's community members and their blog posts when I read that quote. Disharmony seems to be the best word to describe it. A lot of chiefs and few team players. Perhaps it is a tug of war between the be nice and the be nasty members. Some members post a lot of stuff that other members object to.

A good example would be West Virginia. Senator Obama has supporters who are members of his community from the state. There was a constant and steady flow of blog posts dissing WV voters. Images of beer belly disheveled men or with toothless smiles, words like "inbred" was common. The WV members blogged or commented how ugly this was. Yet their pleas to stop doing it were ignored.

The distasteful bloggers did likewise with a steady flow of ugly and negative things about Obama's opponents. Some of these very popular members got their blogs deleted or accounts canceled. Their friends started posting about unfair treatment by staff and blame McCain and/or Clinton trolls for this upheaval. Yet some of the posts attack any member who expresses a desire to reflect Senator Obama's campaign style. Unity among members is absent. It is sad enough to be attacked verbally by non-supporters and particularly upsetting to see members attacking each other.

Because a few newcomers decided there way~being disrespectful~was the right way. The other end is the be nice people. They may be the ones objecting to the nasties. Yet, their "holier than thou" attitude is equally upsetting. Am I allowed to point out a Clinton lie, for instance, without getting bashed for it?

One blogger said I was "wasting oxygen". Not me personally but anyone who was not a "real Democrat". Excuse me? Senator Obama used to embrace his Independent voter supporters. This "for the sake of party unity" or worse yet, "the party" is the exact opposite of one of the major reasons I choose to vote for Senator Obama. Not an us versus them major party fight.

Springer is a good coach. It would be nice if Obama's member bloggers would follow his lead, not try to override our "coach". I was one of those bloggers trying to reach the "bosses" of the site, suggesting we do it Obama's way. Sad to see the disharmony caused by those who are not team players.

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