Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vice President

"Under the Twelfth Amendment a person who is no longer eligible to be President may not be Vice President either."

Does not take me long to get in a bad mood when I visit Barack Obama dot com to read the community member blog posts. The people are not bloggers. They copy and paste entire news articles, complete with images and often having the site logos or other links. "Report This" or "Email This" or "Contact Us" stuff that is for the site readers use. Not to copied and pasted. The people do not bother to use the extended text boxes either, when posting these long articles.

One exasperated member blogged once: is this a message board or a news clipping service? It is not a message board either, nor is it a forum. Yet the members seem to think that is what blogging is. Some would repost the message over and over again. To get new readers. Once a day or once an hour was bad enough, but once every 5 minutes? Even saw once a minuter posters.

There are 20 posts per page and after scrolling past all these long articles to find something to read~a blog post~not a news article or a demanding message (What You Need To Know About McCain; Why You Should Not Vote For McCain; Welcome Hillary Supporters!; Don't You Dare~personal messages to Senator Obama) there it is again: Vice Presidents. The members at Obama's campaign site obviously do not take time to read other member posts.

If they did they would stop suggesting Senator Clinton. Bill Clinton is not eligible to be president nor vice president. Bill sold himself as "buy one, get one free". Are people that unthinking or that uncaring. He disqualifies Hillary. She would hold the title, but they are like a matched set of bookends. She would have a serious conflict of interest having him as her "close personal adviser", as he told his voters. Come with me, back to my 1990s presidency, he woos them, when life was wonderful and with me, oops, with my wife, ye shall have it again.

What is wrong with anyone voting for a dynasty of two ruling and elite families in DC?

The Obama members who do not bother to read real blog posts~like about Hillary's FEC fraud, stealing White House gifts, her lies~those of us who want integrity in DC not a "co-presidency" of an impeached and disbarred womanizer blog about it. "She worked so hard" and "Obama needs her to win". Part of that is Obama's fault for praising her. He has forgotten about me and the many like me~his Independent voter support.

He will indeed lose us if Clinton is part of the Democrat ticket. Would have been better for him to get back to where he was before she bashed him about "just words" and all her other garbage. He would have done well to keep reminding her and the DNC of his Independent voter support.

"We are all Democrats here" is the one that sends my temper right over the edge. I deleted my saved notes, I had for future blog posts. Politics, it is always, just politics. Depending upon who he is on the Democrat ticket, I will vote Obama, but I am ready with my third party candidate picked out. Tired of the election already. Citizens...sigh.

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