Saturday, June 21, 2008

Women Leaders

"Aimee Mullins, the president of the Women's Sports Foundation, told me recently that 84 percent of women business leaders in this country say that they were athletes. I'm not surprised; athletics breeds a level of confidence and leadership that can be hard for girls to find elsewhere." (from: Standing Tall: A Memoir of Tragedy and Triumph by C. Vivian Stringer with Laura Tucker)

I read something similar elsewhere. I was not good at sports and never played on a team. I also did not make first cut for cheerleading. As an adult, I often thought about how much better people who learned young how to work together as a team did in the work place or life in general. Being chosen does help self-esteem and confidence. Being able to follow the leader~the coach or the manager~also teaches how to be a good manager later in life.

My daughter's high school girls team softball coach was an example of a poor example. The girls won the high school's first game in perhaps 6 or 10 years. After the game he went right into lecture and yell mode. He should, I thought, be praising them for the win and pointing out all they did right, this time, not blasting them with criticism. My daughter was often frustrated with the lack of caring or trying by her teammates. Too bad her team did not have a coach of Ms. Springer's caliber.

Springer motivated and inspired her girls or young ladies to win. She would tell them things like this:

"...If you never shoot for the stars, you're never going to be quite at peace with yourself. You'll live in a kind of twilight, where you know neither success nor failure. That's a gray place, and it's not possible in my mind to be gray. You're either moving forward, or you're moving backward."

Being positive and having that yes, we can attitude is what creates winners. That is the thing many Obama members have tried to impress upon other members who diss them. Even though I know some of them fully support Senator Obama, they seem more like a Clinton negative campaigners than Obama's yes, we can winning attitude, in their blog posts. Sadly their attitude is contagious. Many of Obama's best cheerleaders have left the building on account of it.

Early in the primary, what Obama inspired was a bonus. Today, it looks like same old same old. Or I am one of those on my out of the community.

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