Monday, July 21, 2008

Note To Self

Miss not having interenet access at home, now that I moved. Much prefer to get news online. For some reason the library's computer froze when I tried to read a news article. Probably all those info collecting machines attached to websites. Embarrassing to me; my first time at that branch using their computers and I jammed the machine.

Seldom read the newspapers when I remember to buy them. This post is my note to me, to remember, to check voting records, next time I am online.

238-180 House vote to move Kucinich's article of impeachment forward. The very short newsarticle, said it is probably more a vote to discuss Bush's abuses of power, than any real interest in impeaching him.

I am lost, now, on who to vote for in November. Obama hooking up with Clinton bothers me too much. I did not get around to reading about Obama continuing with Bush's Faith Based, whatever, but that bothers me too. Tired of religion overriding the Constitution. One of my reasons for voting Obama in the primaries was I understood him to be in favor of getting back to basics of that old piece of paper. Freedom? Separation of Church and State? Corrupt Clintons? Too much for me.

Yet no way I want McCain as next president.

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