Sunday, September 28, 2008

After The Debate

After the debate I flipped channels and started sort of watching an in progress movie as I read Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451". Bored with that, I flipped channels again and caught part of a post debate discussion still going on. Flip, flip channels and more of the same. The bits and pieces I heard bothered me. They liked McCain. Oh, both men were given credit for something. Knowledge? Power? Speaking well? Dunno. It did not register. But, McCain, you see, he inserted some personal tidbits; some emotion. Something like that.

Oh, I get it, they, the commentators are not interested in debating, they are interested in socializing with McCain. He is a human being with a past. Fun man. Obama is a machine. No past. Boring. McCain did that part well. "Well, Senator Obama does not..." he said a few times. What he said between the lines was, I am more, ahem, experienced than Senator Obama. Obama is still a kid wet behind the ears. McCain was not trying to debate Obama, McCain was dissing Obama. McCain loves McCain and wants ya all to love him too. He wants you to understand that Obama is a kid still wet behind his ears. And it worked, eh.

I look at those old men on the screen in all their seriousness and want to vomit. Odd, is it not, that I call them old men. One who's image stayed in mind, does not have gray hair. Gray hair not a good indicator of age, yet I think of the man as being old. Like my father. Yet I am about the age now that my father was when he died. Okay, I am probably off by 10 years. Dad was likely my age when he first was diagnosed with the cancer that did not kill him until close to 10 years later. I could be older than some of those men on the screen that I am calling old men.

Maybe "old farts" fits better. Being 16 or so and looking at teachers who were mostly old. They droned on and on putting me to sleep. Boring old men teachers and now boring old men commentators who probably are voting for McCain simply because he is a man like Reagen or Bush or any of their idols. These elders' future is not at stake in the same manner of a 16 year old. We do not need someone who is nostalgic about 1983, but someone that lives in the now. The "long suffering" McCain does not know it all. He knows what he learned when the world was a different place than it is today. He does not want to move the nation forward, but drag us backwards. And I guess that is what many citizens want. Especially the 'old men' commentators.

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