Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate: Obama/McCain

Checking to see if there was any movie coming on at 8PM, I noticed the McCain/Obama debate was already airing on regular TV, so turned it on. I can not say I paid much attention to it. Wanted to mute McCain. "Well, in 1983, blah, blah, blah, and I admired President Reagen...". It is not 1983. In 1983 there was no Internet. (And I do miss the 27/7 DSL connection!) In 1983 Reagen might have been instituting policies that would lessen our nation's dependency upon oil. It is also not the 1960s or 1970s. Iraq/Iran is not Vietnam.

when asked about Iran's threat to the USA, Mc Cain begins, "well if Iran gets nuclear weapons, blah, blah, Israel." What about us? Earlier McCain mentioned needing to send out 20,000 more troops. Yet he pretends to take sending our youth out to kill or be killed, seriously. If I had 24/7 Internet, I would check this=Iran is probably less in size than Texas. Why start more war on the "if" probability? If the USA were attached by other super powers, we would not have the troops here at home to defend ourselves. As it is the USA has more nuclear weapons stockpiled than all nations on the earth. How much of a threat can a country the size of one of our states truly be to us?

We are the threat to all other nations with our nuclear weapons. Much more of any threat Iran would be to Israel IF they could get nuclear weapons. McCain sounds like Bush with his WMD in Iraq. Bush knew there were none. It was about the oil. McCain brags upon himself. He had visited countries and knows what our security threat is from them, due to his visits. Yeah, right.
I will cry if I have to deal with another 4 years of bad government with an old man. Old in thinking the same way and doing the same things all before him have done. Obama is far from perfect, but at least his thinking is 2000's thinking. I think no one over 50 should be allowed to be president. Today's world changes swiftly. Do not need someone stuck in yesterday.

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