Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Real Life Cops

Sirens are a constant in Long Beach. Eagerly get local newspaper the next day to see what provoked all the noise. Seldom see reports. Perhaps fender benders, people calling for emergency ambulance transport to hospital, a minor stove fire, or other non-noteworthy happening. Know it is serious when the helicopters start circling. Looking for someone who ran, usually on foot. Have seen a number of arrests happening here in Long Beach. Such a common sight, barely pay attention.

Standing outside vehicle taking poncho off hear the whoop-whoop sound of a cop pulling over a car. I found wearing a poncho helps keep body warm in air conditioned buildings. Perhaps the reason for those numb toes. The car pulls nicely to the curb just beyond the only entrance/exit driveway at the Mark Twain library branch. The cop stops in the street behind the vehicle, directly in front of the driveway. Um... I am not a good judge of space, but think there is room for me to pull out on the arrow-in section. Perk up when I see cop sort of shoving the car's driver. He is walking the guy to his cruiser. Guy's hands together over his head, elbows bent. Cop is holding the guy's hands with one hand, nudging.

Cop opens his front passenger door, jerks the guy a bit, finally opens back door and the guy gets inside. Cop does not close the front door, goes back to guy's car, then into his cruiser. Just as I start the motor to leave along comes cop car number two. He makes a wide swing around the cruiser and makes one of those barely stopped jumping out of car. Must be bad, methinks. Real life cop number two could have easily pulled into the first parking space 1/2 a car length from his cruiser's front end. Would that have been too much to ask?

Cop number two talks to cop one, goes to look at guy's car. Comes back. Goes back, putting on blue plastic gloves. He is searching the car~trunk and all. Great. I am steaming.

I turn on phone to snap photo, leery of walking over, least I irritate cops. I am thinking to get it framed and step in front of my car and snap it quick, hoping not to be noticed, when I hear a voice behind me: Ah, taking a picture. Swear, first thought was it's another cop gonna read me the riot act or confiscate my phone. Nope, it was guy parked next to me. Why he is on his passenger side makes no sense, unless he was doing like I do, put books (and poncho) in passenger seat first. I tell him I am gonna blog about it. Guy says he has to get to work.
I watch guy get out of the lot. I am looking at my vehicle's front end. Guy's vehicle much smaller. I decide I will give it a try. Just than a van starts to turn into lot, sits for a moment blocking the little bit of entrance room. Decides to back up. Two or three cars decide to leave. I watch, as the last one tires go up the curb at lot's end, then over and down street curb. I am wondering why the cops do not think that maybe cop number two can pull his vehicle directly into the lot. Both cops are now watching the vehicles leave.

I drive over trying to judge space. Decide I can not risk hitting the tail end of a cop car. Did not want to run over curbs either. I back into a space, near where the second cruiser should be sitting. All done, the cops let the driver go back to his vehicle and leave. I still have to wait as cop two and a Van trying to leave wait upon each other to move. Cop wins and Van backs up. Dumb. Cop had plenty of space to make his U-ey and leave.

Obviously cops did not find any drugs or weapons in the guy's vehicle. Wonder if he gave cops permission to search his vehicle. Cop number one was rather rough with the kid. Did not get a good look at him. Likely mid twenties, average build, clean cut, clean white car. Guess cop two was so excited about a potential big bust, he could not be bothered to park properly. Ignorant or rude is what he was. The young man was locked in the back seat of real life cop number one. No reason whatsoever cop two had to leave his cruiser parked slant-wise across only access to library branch parking lot. Sigh.

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