Saturday, October 4, 2008

Acting Out

A quote from "Acting Out" by Benilde Little:

Flipping through newspapers the lead character is "thinking about how stupid it was to rate the presidential debates like they were a Yankee game. Who won, who lost. One is an idiot and the other one has to keep from calling him that, what a waste of time. More endless fighting in the Middle East. I wonder if I'll see peace there in my lifetime."

The novel was copyrighted in 2003. I wondered if real life crept into the fiction. The "idiot" I imagined would be GWB. Like the novel's character, I find endless debating about the debates to be silly. The recent Obama/McCain debate did not seem like a debate at all. None of the ones I saw seemed like debates. A debate should answer the pros and cons of a simple question, methinks. Not be rambling on about the opponents shortcomings.

"Are we more safe now than we were on "9/11"? is a yes or no question. Why are we more safe, or why are we less safe, with point A, B and C would be helpful. I do not feel more safe. I live on a triple fault line. I never got the hang of that quote: Expect the unexpected. "9/11" was definitely unexpected.

Of course I question the official report of things. Like the female character in "1984", I would not be surprised to learn our own government had a hand in that mess. Keep the citizens scared and they will give up all kinds of freedoms to the powers that be.

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