Saturday, October 11, 2008

Does Size Matter?

Can a 5'2" woman bully a 6'2" man? Would it not make more sense that a 6' guy would have an easier time bullying a 5' guy? Big people tend to pick upon small people. Their size alone is threatening to people. Some small adults tend to be mean or bullying. Psychiatrists would say it is to compensate for their lack of height and weight. Men especially do not feel "manly", hence set about to prove they are tougher and can take down men almost twice their size. Countries are like people in a way and that is why I am wondering: does size matter?

From what I paid attention to during the presidential and later vice presidential debates, Iran is considered a threat to the U.S.A. As is Afghanistan.

After planes flew into the World Trade Center twin towers in NYC, a neighbor gave me one of her church tracts. A quick printing, eh, "Davy Slew Goliath". She went on and on about the minister of her church explaining the story. did not ask her, as she chuckled, about seeing Davy slewing a Goliath if she thought the U.S. was the Goliath. World wide many people felt we got what was coming to us, due to our arrogance and greed. She seemed to be suddenly patriotic waving U.S. flags, so I think she and her minister felt that the U.S. was poor Davy who would soon, with God's backing, slew the Goliaths of the world. I came to that conclusion due to the U.S. flag decorating the tract.

People poke fun about Senator Obama or seriously consider him a threat. The real threat has been Bush, the Clintons and others who profit through association with people like the Bin Laden clan. I would not accuse the Bush brothers of being behind those September 11 airplanes, but they seem to be involved on some level. People that truly believe Senator Obama is a secret Muslim, offering up proof that silly photo when he tried on traditional garb during a visit to meet his Kenyan relatives, are sadly ignorant. Almost childish, like believing a fat man in a red suit can slide down a chimney, even though the chimney does not hook up with a fireplace. An Easter Bunny delivering baskets filled with chocolate and eggs? That is the level of intelligence or knowledge of those who trust the Bush/Cheney/Clintons/Palins and label Obama the anti-Christ exhibit.

In my mind size matters. Iran is not a threat to the U.S. China hooking up with Mexico would be a real danger to U.S. citizens. Likewise India aligning with China. Russia is a wildcard. Then there are the other troublesome countries, like England, Spain, Germany and Japan. It is not the country, but the leaders of them and citizens that back them. That includes our own citizens who most likely believe, as they did about the WMD in Iraq that Iran is a little bully. As mentioned, the U.S. has more nuclear weapons stockpiled than all nations combined. Or we are the biggest threat for nuclear warfare.

Anyway, because I was disgusted with the Iran a threat question and glibly mentioned the country's size, took time to look it up when I had Internet access.

Iran is bigger than Texas: 1,648,195 km to Texas' 119,28s km. Square mile size is: Iran 636,372 with Texas at 268,820. Populations are: Iran 70,472,846 with Texas at 23,904,380. Still, Iran is only a little larger in size than just one of our states. Young boys in Iran may be more apt to want to kill or be killed for their country than young men in Texas. I do not know if the Texas population count includes the non-citizens who call it home. Also do not know how many in Texas are earning their living via Mexican/Mafia; waging their own killing wars, such as is being done in California. Why sign up and go blow away Iranians when you can do target practice on 13 year old U.S. citizens and drive away, eh.

So, what do you think, does size matter in considering the threat to our country from another?

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