Sunday, October 12, 2008

Global Warming

What was it I said to the man sitting on the other end of the bus bench this morning? The sun was so hot it was burning my legs and I was wishing I had put suntan lotion on them; work on my absent suntan waiting upon a bus. Perfect! Why I decided to say something to the guy is beyond me. Perhaps because I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he kept checking his watch, impatient for the bus to arrive. I got there much too soon, myself and had checked the time on the phone a few times.

I knew the bus was not even due to arrive at Ximeno yet, the closest what do you call them Time Checks, Time Points, the bus book maps have check marks next to those stops. So I just started talking my face turned to the side of his head, wondering if he would realize I was speaking to him.

"I was thinking about climate control...". I meant climate control warfare. Do not know if I said it like that. "It was so cold yesterday and looks like the heat wave is back today."

"Yeah," he says, taking a hold of his pants leg to shake it, "and I wore jeans." We smiled and I said that is what I did yesterday. Black too." I continued talking telling him how I checked the air today and put on shorts. Black shorts. Old jeans cut off and rolled just above the knee. Was checking out shorts at Goodwill all summer. Real shorts and light colored ones. Blue jean shorts are better than black ones. My last pair of blue jeans got a big hole below the pocket. I do not mind, actually like, the grunge look, but do not want the natural holey jeans holes right over my butt. Still have them, intending to sew a patch over the spot. A fav pair; fit well.

Oy, I must be going into a bipolar manic mode. The point is the freaky or unusual weather. Even for California 90 degrees along the coast and passing the hundredths inland is not the norm for October. Yesterday it was so cold in the morning I thought the heat wave broke. I began to think about the possibilty of someone doing something to create this weather. Where did I ever get the idea that man could do that as a form of warfare? Maybe I am mixed up with chemical warfare; spreading viruses or diseases to wipe out enemies.

The biggest thing I was thinking about was all those people that believe Global Warming is a myth. Ha, maybe this will show them! I thought: what if it stayed like this. Daughter mentioned some unseasonably hot weather back in PA. Other daughter sent me an email that I have to reread saying it was unbelievable: 90 during the day and 50 at night. Extreme swing back there. I am used to California's 80 degree days and 40 degree nights. But the current weather is ridiculous. Might be due to Global Warming. What if...

There was a drought in Colorado that meant Long Beach was having a water shortage two years ago. We had a dry summer. Not much rain last winter. If the heat continues, we may have even more trouble with a lack of water. Thinking about those snotty politicians who love discrediting Senator Obama. He is not the only politician that takes Global Warming seriously. Nor the only one who suggest solutions. The solutions that should have been implemented 20, 30, 40 years ago. Palin (and Clinton) call him naive. yet they are stuck on yesterday's way of doing things. Obama is new thinking.

Not perfect, but exactly what the U.S.A. needs now in our next leader. 10/07/098

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