Monday, October 13, 2008


Woke, as I often do in the middle of the night, actually, middle of early morning, sometime after midnight, to empty my bladder. Listening to noise in the silence of night started a chain of thoughts that kept me from falling instantly back to sleep. Lucky it was not one of those insomnia nights, when I simply get out of bed at 3AM, knowing sleep will not be coming anytime soon.

The noise I heard reminded me of waking when sleeping on the sidewalk, hidden, downtown. The ground rumbled and I got up to peek at the street. The noise was a convoy of flatbed semi's. The trucks were carrying huge concrete somethings. There was a police escort and the trucks were going right through red traffic signals. It is so long ago, I can not properly describe the sight. Was there an article in the paper the next day about nuclear weapons being transported to the Navy camp?

That is what I remember; that convoy of trucks were government and transporting something dangerous.

Listening to the noise last night, I wondered if there were a similar convoy of trucks travelling on nearby Anaheim Street. I do think I am too far from the 405 Freeway to hear the whoosh-whooshing of constant traffic. And the sound was too constant to be traffic. There usually is not enough of it at that time of night to account for the drone. Perhaps it is airplanes, I thought. The what-ifs started forming in my mind. Enemy bomber planes...

Was too tired to get up, open the back door to check for airplanes in the sky. Fell asleep thinking about visits to the old Armory in San Pedro. It was neat climbing a hill and looking out of peepholes in a concrete war imagining soldiers doing so years ago looking for enemy ships in the sea. There were underground tunnels, the walls lined with old newspaper accounts of a war. World War II, I imagine. I get the wars confused. History a lest favorite subject in high school. There was also a room with glass cases displaying more war memorabilia. I remember studying a map that showed exact places in Long Beach where bombs were dropped.

Living on the streets, especially after seeing that convoy, I often thought how unprotected we homeless are. Yet, even safely indoors, if those had been enemy planes about to start bombing the city, there is no where to run. No where to hide.

This morning, remembering the noise, I paid attention. Yes I can hear the drone of traffic from nearby streets or distant 405. I am close enough to the airport that I might be hearing some planes idling for take off or landing. Hard to say. Was also wondering if I was hallucinating the noise in the middle of the night. Insomnia a constant issue, would think I would have heard it on other sleepless nights. 9/30/08

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