Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Word

Not having 24/7 Internet access sucks. I miss keeping up with this election via the web. The local newspaper leaves much to be desired. A few AP stories that seem to be shortened versions of AP stories I have read on the web. Getting a laptop to use Wifi at the library is not working out at all. May write a product review on this one for Associated Content.

My intention was to keep this blog after the election and simply continue to blog about politics in general. Having limited 'net time, can not keep up with everything and decided this is the first to go. Might adjust sidebar links, before deserting it.

I saved some posts as drafts a while ago. If I decide to publish this old "news" will add the date I wrote it at the end.

My last word on Election 2008 is I hope Senator Obama wins. He almost lost me a few times. I am not crazy about Biden as VP. After watching Biden during the VP debate, my estimation of him increased. Feel bad that I will not vote for my first choice: Cynthia McKinney and the Green Party. As mentioned if I have to accept McCain/Palin and four more years of rigid, religious, right Republicans. It amazes me to listen to people like Palin talk about patriotism, when they are so anti personal freedoms.

Our Constitution is a good one in ideals (now that woman and descendants of slaves are considered human beings). The more closely our elected officials abide by it, the more perfect our union will be. Shall I knock wood on saying that at least we survived the Bush/Cheney presidency. Bush did not use his executive power to call off the election, because, "we are at war and war unsettles people". Do hope Senator Clintons die hard fans, come to their senses and do not vote McCain out of spite.

When the primary campaigning began the election seemed so far away. Glad it is almost here and we will soon know who will be replacing Bush.

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