Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Local Election Issues

Have you ever tried to read the entire text of Bills, Measures or Propositions? I do not get too far, myself and I guess that is why they have more text to sum up what the main thing actually says. I read the local ballott issues pro's and con's. The con's often say stuff like "cleverly written" or "poorly written" as part of their arguements against something. Well, seeing as I can not muddle through reading all of that stuff, how do I know what it actually says?

I already mailed in my ballot, so all this printed material arriving in my mailbox is a tad bit too late. I decided the more glossy and bigger the ad, the worse the Measure or Prop would be. Skewered logic perhaps. Reading all those pro's and con's has me wondering how much truth their was in saying the ones who will benefit from them are special interest groups, such as big businesses. Suppossedly some of these items were proposed by those people.

Frustrating to try to make an educated and right vote, based on my ideals of less taxes, less government and more common sense shown by elected officials. Gives me a headache!

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