Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Local Election

As for the local election. Yikes, I am lost. Do not know enough about the politicians to make a great choice. Relying on statements in the booklet I received. Seems I will be voting no on most of the Propositions and Measures. I am confused about some of them. Tedious to read the entire text of the bills. I am all for expanding the Metro system, for instance. I am against raising taxes to pay for it, however, even if it is but a half a cent. Seems to me budget cuts are better. Cut out the fluff.

City Hall's for instance. Do they really need fresh cut floral bouquets delivered every week? Okay, by purchasing them, they help the local florist. Greenery decorating the buildings and offices does create jobs; yet it benefits a minority. Expensive lunches for meetings can be ditched. Stuff like that. Everywhere caps on lawsuits are a must. When someone sues a city they are hurting the taxpayers. So, will not be voting yes for any of the props or measures that include tax increases.

How ever does Long Beach expect homeowners to add $120. to their property tax bill? Perhaps heavily taxing illegal immigrants that use our services would help balance the budgets.
Today I was asked: "Want some perfume?" and later saw a man with Ipods. This is quite common in Long Beach. Vendors selling stuff and you can bet they do not have business licenses. That is not to imply that the people I saw today were illegal immigrants. In my pre-homeless days, I never would ask "Do you have a business license?" when the guy would approach me on the beach to buy nuts. For a buck, I usually bought them. Likewise the old Mexican/American man that daily visited a park. His cart was covered with a towel to try and hide what he was selling. Delicious tacos or burritos.

Oranges or Sunflower vendors would stand on dividers at intersections, to quickly walk up to cars stopped at red lights to sell their wares. Again, not doing business legally and according to the laws of the city. These people are also not paying taxes. I suspect many of the foreign owned hotels are skimming and cheating also. That would include the Green Leaf which gets paid by the government to provide two week rooms for the homeless.

Long Beach has above average numbers living below the poverty level. The City decided to redevelop to bring more money into the city. High price condos, luxury hotels and expensive restaurants were their answer. That only helps those who already have money. And the Spanish-speaking construction people. Many who may be illegal immigrants. Sad that if one does not speak Spanish they can not get hired on a construction crew.

Of course there are English speaking Construction companies. Yet as I watched all the new construction going on downtown, seldom saw anyone that was not speaking Spanish. Illegal immigrants use water, for instance, and if they are not paying into the city coffers via taxes, it is those legal citizens that foot the bill. I must just say no to any new taxes.

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