Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mayor Bob Foster

I posted about a P-T column regarding the Port of Long Beach at: Homeless in Long Beach. Senator Obama wrote a letter to Long Beach's mayor, Bob Foster. Double posting that bit of the column here.

The letter is quoted as saying:

"Most are independent only in the sense that they own the truck and are struggling to pay it off, (but) many of these drivers may be legally misclassified. Workers compensation is an issue I have worrked on at the federal level to remedy because it hurts workers and costs the taxpayers bilions in uncollected taxes."

On The Waterfron columnist, Kris Hanson goes continues:

"Obama goes on to say that that such practices have become widespread in an ultra-competitive environment where retailers exert tremendous prressure on transportation companies for cheap shipment of goods."

Hanson than quotes Obama as writing:

"Those companies and the big-box retailers reap the rewards of increased imports while the truckers who transport those goods are paid poorly and receive few benefits."

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