Thursday, October 9, 2008

Season's Revenge

"Season's Revenge" is a Mystery novel by Henry Kistor. The main character is deputy Steve Martinez. He was adopted as a child from an Indian Reservation. The couple who adopted him were "white" Christian ministers. They were killed due to a drunk driver when he was a child and he was raised by an uncle. This combo makes for side story commentary about racism and politics or government. This quote reminded me of something Senator Obama has mentioned:
"Many natives of Upper Michigan, like the rest of backwoods America, vote Democrat but think Republican; they rely on government handouts for their survival but see that same government as also threatening their right to bear arms and teaching science that challenges the biblical account of creation."

I do not like guns. Would never own one. yet I am against gun control because "once you take away the citizens rights to own guns, only the police will have them." I also do not like criminals. Gangs are much a part of life in Long Beach. Teenagers shot dead in drive-by shootings due to gang rivalry's saddens me. Especially when the dead person is an innocent bystander, like the 2-3 year old on the train platform with his (or her, I forget details of that one) grandmother. Reading about the Mexican/Mafia's method of enforcing compliance of their rule of our streets, the drug dealing/using world, disgusts me.

A 13 year old dead, so a Mexico citizen can have gold, fancy cars and whatnot. I understand now, after reading the legislation Obama voted yes on, that the government is trying to help stop that violence by regulating who can own guns and what kind. Yet, I remain leery. Give an inch they take a mile. Every restriction on freedom of choice leads to another one. Doodoo's that insist upon more laws; rules. Such as turning cigarette smokers into criminals or fighting to overthrow Roe vs. Wade. Banning books.

When we talk about "government handouts" it seems we forget taxes. Most pay into the system. Those fictional "natives of upper Michigan" may get aid in the form of food stamps, for instance. Food stamps help poor people eat. They also help the grocer with income won't be getting if the government did not "hand them out". Who pays for them? Taxpayers. Is it fair that more affluent people need to buy food for those living in poverty? I think so.

It was the wealthy who decided people could own land. It is our government that decided that any unowned land in the United States belonged to the government. One can not find some vacant land and decide to live upon it, living off the land. Hunting if they want meat, fishing if they prefer fish, picking wild berries and such, stockpiling and storing for winter months; chopping or gathering wood for fires to heat a small cabin and cook meals. A hearty body could live without electricity and modern conveniences if they choose to. But in doing so, they would become criminals.

Thus if the government is forcing citizens to comply to standards they can not obtain, the government owes it to citizens to ensure they have a roof and food. If the wealthy were not so greedy, there would not be so many poor. They have gained that wealth on the backs of the labor of the poor. Bill Gates is a prime example of that. He does not need anymore money, yet wants to monopolize anything computer related. Why not "retire" and allow the little guy to have a piece of that pie? He should be paying more taxes to make up for his reluctance to share the wealth. Something like that.

Kistor's Mystery novel touches on that bit of politics. Governor Obama said people such as those in the fiction novel, vote Republican even though voting Democrat would be to their advantage. Perhaps for the reason given in that quote. The "handouts". As it is the Bush regime has favored tax breaks and incentives for business. Something Palin and McCain plan to continue. Obama favors more taxes for the rich and breaks for the middle class. That is the way it should be to be fair to citizens, methinks.

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