Monday, October 6, 2008

Vice President Debate:

Governor Palin, in her closing statement, promised she and McCain will fight to keep citizen's free. Unless, of course you happen to be gay and want to get married. Unless, of course, you want the right to take a "morning after" pill. Unless, you were raped and want the freedom to choose a legal, doctor assisted early termination of the resultant pregnancy. She, like McCain want to set women's right to liberty, back decades. Unless, of course, you want the right to read whatever you want to read. If you want the right to go to the "free public" library and read, oh, Harry Potter or The Color Purple. She will not be fighting for my freedoms. Just what she picks and chooses.

Oh, and there is that thing about getting fired if you do not fire the police man that abused your sister.

When I heard McCain choose Palin as he VP, I wanted to like her. She is pretty. Not that being attractive is a good indicator to character. After watching her, listening to her, I get the creeps. As they say, "God bless America" if the citizens vote that pair into the White House. Yeck. What liars, both she and McCain are. I got a rare treat by putting the television on tonight. I saw some political ads. (The only ones I saw prior, was what was shown on You Tube.)

I wonder how Senator Obama feels right about now. Bad enough Senator Clinton took his words, convinced her fans they were her own, then convinced them, "Obama stole" them from her. Now both, Palin and McCain are parroting Obama. Sad, that people that did not closely follow the primary elections for over a year, might be hearing this stuff for the first time. The wool pulled over their eyes. Again. Trusting and believing what McCain and Palin stole from Obama's campaign speeches were theirs. Sad. Sad. Sad.

I did not like Biden. Now I do. Not sure I trust him. His saying he would carry on Obama's vision, should the need arise. But, he impressed me. "I am not a yes man," he laughed. That is exactly what Obama said he would want in his cabinet. People that were not afraid to disagree with him.

Palin went on and on about bipartisan government. She claimed falsely that Obama has no track record working across party lines. She said "96% of the time" Obama voted along his party line. That may be accurate. That does not mean he did not vote correctly. I know, because I checked Thomas online that Senator Obama works across party lines, in writing, co-sponsoring and passing legislation.

Palin seemed to be selling McCain, more than debating topics. I disagree with her on Iraq and war in general. She could be called a "hawk". I do not want hawks in D.C. She took up Clinton's "he is so naive" rhetoric. Or, came across exactly as McCain did. They are old and wise; Obama is a kid. They are wrong.

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