Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why McCain and Palin Are Wrong

Governor Palin emphasized that she and McCain want to give companies tax breaks. She said that will cause them to create more jobs. And she calls Obama naive? Perhaps she needs to spend less time sitting around the kitchen table with "regular folks" and spend some more time in factories talking to people. Or at the unemployment office. Or perhaps come on down to Long Beach and speak to any number of street dwellers.

Has she (and McCain) never heard the words: downsizing, outsourcing and restructuring? How many new jobs were created during Bush's admin? Other than the Homeland Security related stuff. And the need for more troops to fight The War On Terror. (Or was that to help Iraq citizens gain independence, or was it to look for Weapons of Mass Destruction that were not there, but they had it on good intelligence. Of course, later, much, much later, Senator Clinton whined: "We acted on faulty intelligence." Sigh.)

When our Nation was formed, COMPANIES were to bear the burden of taxes, not citizens. Palin talks a good line of BS about ridding the government of corruption and special interests. Yet she showed her bias. Favoritism to corporations, not to the people. How about special tax breaks for citizens who install solar panels in their homes. Now a real Maverick would be doing that.

Trickle down economics do not work. That has been proven. Ask man or woman on the streets, in the soup kitchens, the unemployment line, or flipping burgers at McDonalds. Every single time the minimum wage has been raised, companies lay off workers. Today where there used to be two jobs there is one person doing both of them. Palin is not in touch with everyday people. Not sure about Biden. Senator Obama is.

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