Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My daughter told me she hates Palin. Because she hates Alaska is why. She had been boycotting Alaska (not that she ever planned to vacation there) for a long time. The reason: they allow people to shoot wolves from airplanes. I heard something about that. Do not keep up much on causes. Save The Seals type stuff. I did not know my daughter liked wolves. I know she likes otters. My son is the wolf lover. I wonder if they have talked about the shooting of wolves from airplanes.

I was glad to hear my daughter would not be considering voting for Palin as Vice President, even though our reasons for not wanting her in the White House are very different.

Daughter also told me about an Internet fuss. Said it can not be verified or denied at Snopes. Something about what Palin said about Senators Obama and Clinton when he was declared winner of the Democrat contest. It involved the word "Sambo". Listening to Governor Palin speak, does not seem to be her style. Yet, what news commentators labeled "confidence", I viewed as snobbery or disdain for Obama.

I suppose that is typical political rival stuff. Yet, Palin also used the jab started by the Clintons to remind the people that Senator Obama is not patriotic and does not love his country, simply by declaring that McCain is and does. I do not recall any candidates being accused of lack of feelings for the U.S.A. prior to this election. Because Palin is carrying on what the Clintons started, it is as if she is indeed an "insider" though she claims not to be. A President Bush "You're either with us or against us", kind of judgement.

They have been trying Obama in their Kangaroo court and finding him guilty of a crime he did not commit. Even as Palin was praising McCain for patriotism, she was criticizing the government and running with the theme of McCain as Maverick. And there was those ref. to Reagen. What's up with that? "Our hero"? Can not say I recall the Reagen years except that my god daughter's photo was in the newspaper shaking hands with him on stage when she received her diploma.

I was invited to the graduation, but declined. The stipulation was, if it rained, the event would be held inside the school and less people could attend. Mom, my sister said, of course would take preference over me. I knew seeing Reagen would mean something to Mother and not at all to me. It did rain, so I made a good choice not to take off from work that day, despite the fact that I was not Mom's chauffeur to South Jersey. Did she driver herself there? Do not recall. Wish Mom was with us mentally. Would love to discuss Palin with her.

I imagine Mom would admire her, the way she admired Jacqueline Kennedy.

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