Monday, November 3, 2008

5 Found Dead At Homeless Camp

"5 FOUND DEAD AT HOMELESS CAMP" was Monday's Press-Telegram headline. An anonymous tip at 8:30 this morning (11/03/08) lead the police to find the three males and two females, dead from gunshot wounds. The article by Staff Writer, Pamela Hale-Burns, says some of the victims were shot homeless people.

Actually the bodies have not been multiple times. My first thought upon seeing the article: gangbangers getting their kicks offing sleeping identified and may or may not been homeless people. Hale-Burns said, "According" to Deputy Chief Robert Luna, "LBPD handles most homeless cases along the Los Angeles River and officers were not familiar with this homeless encampment, because the area falls under the California Highway Patrol's jurisdiction."

Neighbors in the vicinity said "all kinds of people went back there, not just homeless people". It is their feeling that the shootings were related to a drug deal gone wrong, because they believe drug dealers went "back there" to sell and buyers to use. So I guess it was not simply a random killing of homeless people by gangbangers.

I do know homeless people that carried guns and it seems the majority of street people smoked pot or used crack cocaine. I was never curious enough to wonder where they "scored" the drugs. Yes, I did notice guys park at the Alamitos Beach area to chat with homeless cats on a regular basis. One young woman "dealt" Vicadin or at least she tried to sell it to me. I remember one guy showing me his jacket with a bullet hole in it, and think that had something to do with drugs. Wondering who the victims were. Doubt that I would know them, if they were homeless, because the incident happened in an area I never went.

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