Monday, November 24, 2008

Affordable Housing

Excellent letter to the P-T's editor, titled Affordable Housing. Letter writer, Alex J. Norman is listed as "Professor emeritus, UCLA School of Public Affairs, Long Beach". Like me, Norman does the simple math. He says, "This means that rental housing is out of reach for child-care workers, paramedics, teacher's assistants, law clerks, flight attendants and paralegals, to name a few." Another few are all those workers required to serve the wealthy that Long Beach worked to attract to the town. High end hotels, do not pay the room cleaners a living wage. Every new expensive restaurant means more low paid wait staff, cooks, dishwashers.

Norman also states, "A survey by the Josephine S. Bubiner Foundation revealed that 70 percent of the homeless population they sampled gave a Long Beach address as their last." I wonder if that Foundation is local, state or nation wide. I would guess the 70% is about right as to people I met living on the streets in Long Beach. The "Carnival people" swelled the numbers of people vying for those scant numbers of beds in the Winter Shelter. Many veteras from other states were here on the streets to get service at LB's Veteran's hospital, considered by them the best in the nation, despite other homeless vets complaining to me about the VA hospital services.

There was also a number of homeless that roamed between Los Angeles, Long Beach, Orange County and yes, San Pedro. Others were Vegas/Long Beach homeless. But mostly LB's homeless became homeless while residing in LB. 11/16/08

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