Monday, November 10, 2008

Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia McKinney garned 113,000 votes in California. I decided that she did not have Obama's leadership ability, although, I still think she most closely represents me. I forget how many votes Ralph Nadar got; more than she did. I am rethinking my desire for a three (or more) party system. I see no reason why Nadar's voters could not vote Obama. Nadar has shown that he could not capture enough citizen votes to win an election. Those who voted for him, may have swung the election to McCain, who would be anti all they are pro.

The media makes much of the "black vote" seeming to imply that the main reason persons of color voted Obama was skin color. I wonder how that relates to people voting for McKinney or Keyes. If they were not in the contest, would Obama have fared better in states such as Georgia?

I regretted my third party vote that may have helped GWB get elected. It would be thrilling to have a Green Party candidate elected as president. Or someone from one of the other parties. An idealist dream, methinks. Now I think having to choose between two candidates is choice enough. I am hoping Obama will be leading Congress back to bipartisan government, not two polarized sides of Republicans and Democrats. I am also hoping that Obama will end the need for candidates having to raise their own funds, by aligning with one of the major parties.

I think Obama and McCain felt the same on that matter. McCain certainly complained about Obama raising more money and outspending him on advertising. If McCain did not have those outsiders running their smear ads, perhaps Obama would not have felt the need to rely on his own fundraising efforts to run ads counteracting the smears. If our tax dollars paid to give equal time to all candidates to put their message before the people, such as by a government TV channel (and website) monitored by citizens, we might get more ethical and honest people elected to represent us. (11/06/08)

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