Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"Demons" by Bill Pronzini was published in 1993.

"Potential clients," the Private Investigator thinks, describing what he was working and ending, "would be given the gate as fast as a street person looking for a handout."

Another quote in "Demons" mentioning street people:

"The citizens of the Heights had survived the hippies with their property values intact, and were now in the process of surviving the drug-infested, homeless-dominated new Height scene."

The "Heights" in the novel is "Ashbury Heights, a little pocket of affluence on the hill above Haight-Ashbury." There are homeless men in Long Beach that could be described as "burnt out, old hippies. Most of them, however, look too young to have been part of the late 1960s and early '70s counter-culture, that left many with mental health problems, "frying" their brains with drug experimentation. The homeless men that were in their late teens during that time frame, seem to be mainly ex-military, specifically Vietnam veterans.

There are drugs all over any city; "drug-infested" probably means "poor neighborhood". Poor neighborhoods, probably attract more homeless people, because the cops are less likely to roust them. In nicer areas of Long Beach, citizens complain if a van or travel vehicle parks on their street. If it looks like someone is living in them, the cops are called. A dusty, old vehicle in a poor neighborhood is hardly note-worthy. The odd thing is that homeless that hang around more affluent neighborhoods, are usually treated nicely. As in Snoop Dogg's novel, people give them blankets.

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