Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Freeway Complex Fires

"The fires have been given a name; the Freeway Complex Fires" a TV newscaster announced. As mentioned, I turned off the television to conserve power. Turned it back on a few times, still hoping to catch word of a closer Seal Beach fire. I wasted power watching "The Great White Hype". I like Samuel L. Jackson, but his hairstyle in the movie irked me; all white combed forward like a girl's Pixie haircut of bygone days. Why should that irk me? Dunno.

Wonder if my hearing is going. Had to keep increasing the volume to hear what the movie characters were saying and still could not hear them. Nope, not my hearing, thank you, a mute on the remote when those numerous (and long) commercials came on. Duh, of course it is not my hearing, I had watched quite a bit about the Freeway Complex Fires, earlier and did not have to adjust the volume. Had the same problem, though, the last couple of times I watched movies on television. Anyway, "The Great White Hype" was obviously a comedy and not a very good one to me; simply goofy.

After the movie, flipped channels looking for new news about the fires. Each time I heard mention of "Freeway Complex Fires" the news person said "as they are being called" or word to that effect. I am a grumpy, old lady, I guess. Why not "the 91 Freeway Fires"? As near as I can tell the fires started at a trailer court with 500 mobile homes being destroyed in Sylmer. 30 homes in a housing development burned; an apartment complex either burned down (something about a 300 pound disabled woman who firemen had to rescue) or was in danger of burning.

The Honda dealership burned down. A pumping station burned down. Complex's were not the only things burning; brush is what helped spread the wildfires. As near as I could tell the fires did not jump onto the 91 Freeway. I heard a lot about the fires being on hills, making it difficult for fire fighters to pump water "up there". Were they in a straight line all along the 91 freeway? I am thinking, of the humans and pets, wildlife being affected by the fires. The numbers of newly homeless people; firefighters (the number injured rose slowly); and someone has to give the fires a name. I realize they could not be called "The Anaheim Hills" fires. Already been used, I think.

Brea, Corona and Yorba Linda were also mentioned. I am not all familiar with the area, although I did service stores in the area when I was with AAI. The mention of Yorba Linda brought back a forgotten memory. Those "voices in my head", more like words popping in the mind, repeating: Yorba Linda. For some forgotten reason, I got it in my head that the arse, Jet had a lady in Yorba Linda. Left me a message, maybe, with an O.C. area code. Coupled with the mysterious appearance of the town's name hanging 'round in the brain...

The pre-dawn sky this morning was a June gloom smog one or all white, not blue with some reddish color off in the direction of the rising sun. To the West it was dark; gray more than black. Now 7:19AM, notice the sidewalk is covered with white ash; a lot more black strings too and some black flakes. The air smelled more smokey than it did last night. The sky to the west is still blackish. On the East Coast, that kind of sky meant the clouds were likely to burst sending a torrent of rain. I imagine today the darkness is simply where all that smoke drifted and decided to hang. Not even a hint at a breeze. Saw a few white ashes float to the ground.

Think the morning body aches have subsided enough for a walk to the store to get the Sunday newspapers; read about, ahem, The Freeway Complex Fires. 10/16/08

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